Our Copy-Protection Policy

Fashion Master is a copy-protected application. Once the trial period expires, you must purchase a password to unlock Fashion Master on that computer. The passwords are unique and matched to System ID numbers that are different for every computer. Not only does each computer have a unique System ID, but the System ID will change if you:

  1. replace or reformat your hard drive
  2. re-install Windows
  3. change your version of Windows
  4. replace your computer

Once the System ID is changed, the password you purchased will no longer work.

We will gladly provide you with a new password, without charge, for any of these circumstances, provided that you have disabled Fashion Master before you do any of the four items listed above. Fashion Master cannot be disabled after doing any of the items on the list. Disabling Fashion Master is not the same as uninstalling Fashion Master. In fact, if you uninstall Fashion Master you must reinstall it so that it can be disabled. However, if you do any of the items on the list, you can never disable Fashion Master on that PC.

Please Protect Your Investment

NEVER do any of the 4 items listed above without calling us first! We’ll walk you through the disabling process, which takes less than a minute. If you don’t disable Fashion Master first, you’ll need to buy your new password! So, call us first to ensure you get the new password at no cost. Our number is 416-588-2992.