Fine Line Imports, Toronto

“I don’t know how we ever managed our business without Fashion Master. It prevents costly errors, and saves us time, money and aggravation. The Customers section is wonderful. It’s so easy to make custom mailing lists, which we use a lot, and the Call Sheets are absolutely indispensable.

We have six workstations using Fashion Master and it’s significantly increased our productivity. Order entry is quick and easy. Invoices are created directly from the orders which eliminates mistakes. The inventory tracking has saved us money by avoiding costly shipping errors. We can quickly create orders to suppliers directly from customer’s orders and accurately project costs for the season at a glance.

We also use Fashion Master Shipping, which paid for itself in one shipping period. We used to spend days manually calculating the shipping costs, adding them to the invoices and preparing the manifests. Now, we do it all in a couple of hours.

You don’t need to know anything about computers to master it - just your own business knowledge is all it takes. For us, operating without it is unthinkable.”

-- Sheri Ginsberg

ITA/Christ Ltd., Toronto

“Having used, sampled and owned a great majority of the fashion industry software out there, we must say that Fashion Master is, by far, the most superior. Unlike many of its competitors, it does not glitch, stall or crash. Service, support and upgrades are second to none. All suggestions are taken very seriously, and often implemented in record time, to the advantage of all users. The simplicity is unbelievable and not because it is a simplistic system, but because the system's components work seamlessly together and do everything for you! The training and implementation was effortless because this is a company that understands our very unusual industry. The software does everything we could possibly want - as an importer Fashion Master is a must!”

-- Sarah Bromley, Paul Lindzon

B2 Sales, Toronto

“We are absolutely delighted with Fashion Master. It has made our very complicated business simple. Fashion Master has provided us with all the tools to run a successful import/sales business. From receipt of goods to order allocation, to invoicing, every aspect is handled with great ease.

Service and support have been outstanding - this is a company that listens and responds to its customers. The benefits of Fashion Master are too numerous to mention, but the program does everything we need. The inventory allocation feature, alone, is absolutely fantastic.

If you are an importer, give Fashion Master a try - you won’t be sorry.”

-- Alan Banks, Dorina Kamiliotis

Hot Dames by Belle, Tampa, Florida

“Being a QuickBooks user for 12 years, I was skeptical that Fashion Master would be an improvement. After just 3 months, I am quite amazed at the results. Fashion Master has streamlined our operation in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Fashion Master is designed for the garment industry and it allows for a complete breakdown of items by size and color on orders and invoices. Even better is the order-entry mechanism, which makes it incredibly fast and easy to add items to an order. Imagine being able to enter different quantities and sizes for a style ordered in ten colors, all on one screen, at the same time. This, alone, has significantly raised our productivity.

The conversion of an order to an invoice is seamless. At any given time on the screen you can see all critical information. What day was it shipped, what is still not shipped, have they paid and how, who the rep is, what discount they received and much more. From within an invoice you can return to the order that it was created from, with just a mouse click.

Reports are very specific, and Roll-Ups are PRICELESS! What used to take hours of determining how many of each garment and components were needed to fulfill orders, now takes seconds.

Fashion Master has far more capabilities than we have even used, which has encouraged us to continue to implement them into our day to day operation. It is user friendly, very affordable and the time you save, disregarding its other benefits, will pay for the software many times over. Don't be afraid that implementing new software will be an ordeal. You don't have to be a computer genius or an accountant to master this software, and the technical support from Fashion Master has been absolutely outstanding. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.”

-- Dawn McBride

PMK Sales, Toronto

“Fashion Master has proven to be the best program we’ve ever had. Our record keeping has now become exceptional and our productivity has increased.

For the Rep side of the program we can easily see whether our suppliers have shipped our customers and what they still have outstanding. Even better is our ability to keep track of invoices and credits passed against these orders. We no longer lose money from our commissions when duplicate credits are removed or are taken without invoices first being paid.

The call sheet history is an excellent tool and combined with the detailed customer screen allows us to keep our factors information at our finger-tips. All the reports have added to our productivity.

The Sales & Commission report allows us, at a glance, to see our bookings, expected commissions and lost income due to non-produced items. It allows for budgeting with much greater precision.

With the Stock side of the program we have cut down on wasted order entry time whereby we used to enter a customers order, then redo the information to place the order to the factory and then once again repeat that process when it came to invoicing. It’s also helpful that we can go back to any order and see our shipping history. When it comes to returns this is extremely helpful as we no longer have to pull the physical invoices to see when the goods were shipped.”

-- Karen Merson

Variations, Mississauga

“I was skeptical that Fashion Master could do everything it claimed, but it can do it and then some! I used QuickBooks for nine years and a long invoice could take twenty minutes to make. In Fashion Master it takes twenty seconds. We have it running on four computers and it’s paid for itself within six months. If only all software was this good!”

-- Parminder

C.M. Couture, Toronto

“From the beginner to the most advanced, this program is straightforward and effortless. Fashion Master offers innumerable ways of presenting information in an easy to understand format. Orders, Invoices, Customer Statements, Salesman Commissions and more, take seconds to enter and retrieve. Fashion Master saves us precious time that can be spent elsewhere.”

-- Clare Nisker