How to Order
First, Download the Software

You can download the software right now. Just click this link: Download Fashion Master.

The download contains the full working version of Fashion Master and a sample database with every type of data already entered. You can try the software, run the reports and see how Fashion Master can help your business, without having to enter any data. You can enter your own data, as well, which will be saved when you purchase the software. The software will expire after 30 uses or 30 days, whichever comes first.

Just open or run the downloaded file and the setup program will automatically begin the installation.

Then, Purchase a License

When you’re ready to buy Fashion Master, you can purchase a license and receive a password that will unlock the software. Each license costs USD $3,500.00 and each computer using Fashion Master must have a separate license.

To purchase a license for a specific computer, the software must be installed on that PC. When you run Fashion Master, a registration form appears, at the top of which is a System ID number. You’ll need to provide the System ID when you register, so only a single license may be ordered on each order form. The password you receive will only work on the computer whose System ID you provide.

We suggest you look at our Copy Protection Policy to learn how to protect your license and qualify for a free license under certain circumstances.

To purchase a license, click this link to Register Fashion Master.