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The Ontario Fashion Exhibitors, Inc. (OFE) is a provincial, non-profit association. Founded in 1955, OFE’s mandate is to provide successful markets to wholesale sales representatives and professional buyers within the fashion industry. OFE currently operates two of the largest annual fashion trade shows within Canada. To participate as an exhibitor, individuals need to join OFE and CAWS. Please visit our web site for information or contact us at (416) 596-2401 (toll free 1-800-765-7508).

CAWS is a national, non-profit organization for the five apparel markets across Canada, providing free dispute mediation to members and their manufacturers. CAWS protects the rights and dignity of CAWS reps throughout Canada. CAWS will fight for the “trade and custom of the industry”.

The longest-running and most respected trade paper on the west coast is LA-based California Apparel News, serving the apparel industry both in print and on the web.