5 Best Coffee Shops on Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals - Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals (2024)

Hello, coffee enthusiasts and soon-to-be-caffeinated vacationers! If you find yourself heading to the gorgeous coasts of Anna Maria Island, you're in for a delightful jolt! Not just a paradise for its sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, and charming vibes, Anna Maria Island is brewing up a storm in the coffee world, too.

Now, let's spill the beans (not literally!). Exploring the island is fabulous, but knowing the perfect spots to grab a cup of Joe? Absolutely essential. Whether you are an espresso aficionado, a latte lover, or just craving that classic cup of black coffee, we have the inside scoop on the best coffee shops that you just can't miss on Anna Maria Island.

It's time to embark on a caffeinated journey across the island, sipping and savoring each delightful drop while basking in the island's scenic splendor. Are you ready for this brew-tiful adventure? Let's espresso ourselves and dive right in! Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best local coffee shops on Anna Maria Island.

1. The Donut Experiment

5 Best Coffee Shops on Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals - Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals (1)

Photo Credit:Miinaamii

  • Address: 210 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, FL
  • What to Order: Key Lime Donuts, Maple and Bacon Donut
  • Price Point: $

Imagine a place where every donut is a unique masterpiece created by you! At The Donut Experiment, watch the magic happen as freshly made cake donuts go down an assembly line, getting hand-dipped into delectable toppings of your choice. It's not just about tasting goodness, it's about experiencing it! These are by far the best donuts on Anna Maria Island.

If you're searching for heaven on Anna Maria Island, look no further! Visitors and locals alike can't get enough of The Donut Experiment, where every specialty donut is warm, fresh, and superb, making every bite a delightful adventure. You can feel the passion and care in each donut, from the light and airy dough to the extensive variety of toppings.

But the donuts aren't the only thing drawing locals and tourists to this fabulous coffee shop on Anna Maria Island. They offer an extensive beverage menu as well. Be sure to try the Iced Johnny O, The Donut Experiment's signature iced coffee with two shots of espresso.

2. Back Alley Treasures

5 Best Coffee Shops on Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals - Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals (2)

Photo Credit:Northerner

  • Address: 108 Historic, Bridge St, Bradenton Beach, FL
  • What to Order: Espresso creations, Island Smoothies, Frozen Lemonade
  • Price Point: $

Step into a world where art, coffee, and a splash of wine blend into a delightful experience. At Back Alley Treasures, immerse yourself in the stunning works of local artists as you sip on an exquisite espresso creation. It's not just a great coffee shop; it's a treasure trove of art, creativity, and sublime flavors.

Nestled on the Historic Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, Back Alley Treasures beckons visitors and locals alike to relish in a unique ambiance filled with funky art, handmade gifts, and, of course, excellent coffee. Known as the local's favorite coffee shop, this charming spot is an ode to the vibrant artistic spirit of Anna Maria Island.

Amidst the vibrant displays of unique jewelry, whimsical stained glass, paintings, handbags, clothing, pottery, and recycled art pieces, find solace in the aromatic embrace of a warm cup of coffee. And for those who prefer a different kind of brew, an expansive wine and craft beer selection awaits!

3. Ginny & Jane E's Cafe

5 Best Coffee Shops on Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals - Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals (3)

Photo Credit:roman tohtohunov

  • Address: 9807 Gulf Dr, Anna Maria, FL
  • What to Order: Cinnamon Rolls, Chicken and Waffles, Mork & Minty, or Willy Wonka flavored drinks.
  • Price Point: $

Embark on a culinary adventure at Ginny and Jane E's Cafe and Gift Store, where every meal is a homemade delight and every drink – a crafted masterpiece. Breakfast lovers can indulge in fresh cinnamon rolls, Creme Brulé, homemade sausage gravy, stone-ground grits, and cage-free egg plates, promising a hearty start to your day.

But it's not just the food that draws the crowd. The fresh-ground French roast coffee and the variety of hot teas provide a comforting warmth, while the array of flavored drinks like the Mork & Minty (peppermint-mocha) or Willy Wonka (mocha-caramel) add a playful twist to the beverage experience.

So come on into Ginny and Jane E's Cafe. Relax, visit with friends and family, or just enjoy a coffee while you savor each moment on the beautiful Anna Maria Island.

4. Cool Beans AMI

5 Best Coffee Shops on Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals - Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals (4)


  • Address: 101 S Bay Blvd Unit A4, Anna Maria, FL
  • What to Order: Organic, micro-roasted coffee, Italian sodas, CBD-infused products.
  • Price Point: $$

Apart from serving the highest quality craft coffee, Cool Beans AMI proudly supports the local community by featuring products and crafts from Anna Maria Island locals. It's more than just a coffee shop; it's a hub of community, creativity, and of course, exceptional coffee. The shop is situated with a picturesque view of the Tampa Bay Inlet and AMI Pier, offering guests not just a cup of coffee but a serene experience amidst nature's bounty.

Nestled at the tip of Anna Maria Island, the coffee shop stands as a beacon for coffee lovers, promising a cup that has been crafted with utmost precision and care. The coffee here is not just brewed; it's a work of art, organic, micro-roasted, and brewed to perfection, ensuring that each visitor tastes the remarkable difference.

Cool Beans AMI controls the entire coffee bean journey from farm to cup, reflecting their commitment to offering only the finest to their customers. Their ethos centers on creating a memorable experience and bringing people together, seamlessly blending community spirit with unparalleled quality.

The inviting ambiance, coupled with the outdoor seating and stunning view of the Tampa Bay Inlet and AMI Pier, adds a layer of relaxation and tranquility to your coffee experience.

5. North Shore Cafe

5 Best Coffee Shops on Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals - Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals (5)

Photo Credit:Lostry7

  • Address: 304 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, FL
  • What to Order: Cold Brew, Espresso, Avocado Toast with Lime and Chili Flakes
  • Price Point: $$

North Shore Cafe, located in the serene surroundings of Downtown Anna Maria, stands out as a haven for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike. With its vast menu, North Shore Cafe does not just cater to coffee connoisseurs but also tea lovers, smoothie aficionados, and anyone with an appetite for fresh, wholesome food.

The coffee at North Shore Cafe is a pure delight for the senses. From a basic brewed coffee to a super smooth cold brew steeped in-house, the cafe ensures the coffee is full of flavor. For a richer experience, the Espresso, made with beans roasted in Italy, and the traditional Macchiato topped with foamed milk are must-tries. The Mocha Latte, a blend of espresso, steamed milk, and rich Italian chocolate, provides a decadent treat for chocolate lovers.

For tea enthusiasts, North Shore Cafe offers an extensive menu of handcrafted loose-leaf tea. Be it hot or iced, the teas are customized to perfection. The Specialty Hot Tea, with choices like Chai Latte and Lavender Fog, adds an innovative touch to the traditional tea experience.

North Shore Cafe offers a range of breakfast and lunch options, including various toasts and sandwiches. The Avocado Toast with Lime and Chili Flakes is a perfect breakfast option, and the Caprese sandwich with Prosciutto, Baby Arugula, Provolone, and Balsamic Drizzle on Baguette is ideal for a hearty lunch.

Start Your Morning the Right Way on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island's coffee scene is as rich and diverse as its beautiful landscapes. Each cafe brings its unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and local flair, promising not just a cup of coffee but an experience that resonates with the island's vibrant community spirit.

You're not just visiting coffee shops when you stay at an island vacation home, but stepping into hubs of creativity, taste, and warm hospitality. You're supporting local artists, bakers, and baristas who pour their heart into every creation. It's an exploration of Anna Maria Island's local culture, one cup at a time.

5 Best Coffee Shops on Anna Maria Island | Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals - Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals (2024)
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